Joint Committee On Human Rights Fifteenth Report

Private Members' Bills

2. Private Members' Bills not raising significant questions

2.1 We have considered the following Bills, which, as private Members' Bills, do not carry a statement under section 19 of the Human Rights Act 1998:

—  Food Colourings and Additives Bill[6]

—   Pensioner Trustees and Final Payments Bill[7]

—  Telecommunications Masts (Railways) Bill[8]

—  Road Safety Bill[9]

In our view, none of these Bills gives rise to any significant risk of incompatibility with human rights.

6   House of Commons Bill 54, Mr Charles Hendry MP. Back

7   House of Commons Bill 77, Mr Jim Cunningham MP. Back

8   House of Commons Bill 107, Mrs Patsy Calton MP. Back

9   House of Commons Bill 132, Mr Mark Lazarowicz MP. Back

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Prepared 21 July 2003