Joint Committee On Human Rights Fifteenth Report


Appendix 1: The Anti-social Behaviour Bill

Letter from Rt Hon David Blunkett, Home Secretary, to the Chairman

Anti-social Behaviour Bill

As you are no doubt aware, the Anti-social Behaviour Bill completed its Commons stages on Tuesday. At Report stage a number of new provisions were added to the Bill. I thought that it might be helpful to the JCHR to specifically highlight those in new Part 8.

The new Part 8 of the Bill contains a new power to deal with trespassory encampments, including those on land forming part of a highway, without any of the existing preconditions. This power could only used by police when a local authority has made adequate site provision. The offence of aggravated trespass has also been amended to cover buildings as well as land in the open air. This would apply where a person trespasses and does anything that is intended to intimidate or deter persons from engaging in that activity, obstructing or disrupting the lawful activity of others.

As with the rest of the Bill I believe that the provisions in Part 8 are wholly compatible with human rights legislation. A more detailed assessment is contained in the new version of the Explanatory Notes that accompany the Bill; I attach the relevant extract for information.[43]

I am copying this letter to Lord Sainsbury at the Department for Trade and Industry.

26 June 2003

43   See HL Bill 84-EN, paras 201 to 212 Back

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Prepared 21 July 2003