Joint Committee On Human Rights Seventeenth Report

Public Bills Reported on by the Committee (Session 2002-03)

* indicates a Government Bill

Bills which engage human rights and on which the Committee has commented substantively are in bold

BILL TITLE                   Report No.

Animals (Electric Shock Collars)  7th

Anti-social Behaviour*  13th & 15th

Arms Control & Disarmament [Lords]*  1st

Aviation (Health)  17th

Aviation (Offences)  4th

Children's Commissioner for England  17th

Communications*  1st & 4th

Community Care (Delayed Discharges)*  1st, 3rd, 7th & 8th

Community Prosecution Lawyers  12th

Company Directors (Health and Safety)  12th

Company Directors' Performance & Compensation  17th

Consolidated Fund*  4th

Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)*  1st

Consolidated Fund (No. 2)*  7th

Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)(No.2)*  15th

Consumer Protection (Unsolicited E-mails)  17th

Co-operatives & Community Benefit Societies  4th

Corporate Responsibility  17th

Courts [Lords]*  1st & 4th

Crime (International Co-operation) [Lords]*  1st, 3rd & 7th

Criminal Justice*  1st, 2nd, 7th & 11th

Crown Employment (Nationality)  4th

Dealing in Cultural Objects (Offences)  4th

Disabled People (Duties of Public Authorities)  8th

Draft Constitutional Treaty on the Future of Europe (Referendum)  17th

Electricity (Miscellaneous Provisions)*  4th

Emergency Broadcasting System  17th

Endangered Species (Illegal Trade)  4th

Equality [Lords]  4th

European Communities (Regulations)  17th

European Parliamentary and Local Elections (Pilots)*  17th

European Parliament (Representation)*  1st

European Union (Accessions)*  12th

European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) [Lords]  1st

Extradition*  1st

Female Genital Mutilation  8th

Finance*  12th

Fireworks  7th

Fire Services*  8th & 12th

Fishery Limits (United Kingdom) Amendment  17th

Food Colouring and Additives Bill  15th

Food Justice Strategies  12th

Food Labelling  8th

Freedom of Information Act 2000 (Commencement)  17th

Government Powers (Limitation)  8th

Greater London Authority Act 1999 (Repeal) [Lords]  3rd

Greenbelt Protection  8th

Harbours [Lords]  8th

Health (Wales)*  1st

Health and Safety at Work (Offences)  4th

Health and Social Care (Community Health & Standards)*  8th

High Hedges [Lords]  1st

High Hedges (No. 2)  8th

House of Lords (Amendment) [Lords]  7th

Household Waste Recycling previously Municipal Waste Recycling  7th

Housing (Overcrowding)  8th

Human Fertilisation & Embryology (Amendment)  7th

Human Fertilisation & Embryology (Deceased Fathers)  8th

Hunting*  3rd, 7th & 17th

Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions)*  4th

Industrial Development (Financial Assistance)*  1st

Legal Deposit Libraries  8th

Licensing [Lords]*  1st, 4th, 7th, 12th and 15th

Litter & Fouling of Land by Dogs  7th

Local Communities Sustainability  12th

Local Government*  1st

Marine Safety  7th

Medical Practitioners and Dentists (Professional Negligence Insurance)  17th

Ministerial and other Salaries (Amendment) [Lords]  7th

Museums and Galleries  17th

National Lottery (Funding of Endowments)  7th

National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) [Lords]*  1st

National Minimum Wage (Tips)  17th

Needle Stick Injury  12th

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections*  7th

Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections and Periods of Suspension)*  12th

Northern Ireland (Monitoring Commission etc.) [Lords]*  17th

Patient (Assisted Dying) [Lords]  7th

Patients' Protection [Lords]  1st

Pensioner Trustees and Final Payments  15th

Pensions (Winding-up)  7th

Physical Punishment of Children (Prohibition)  17th

Planning & Compulsory Purchase*  3rd

Police (Northern Ireland) [Lords]*  3rd

Prevention of Driving under the Influence of Drugs [Lords]  8th

Prevention of Driving under the Influence of Drugs (Road Traffic Amendment)  8th

Public Services (Disruption) [Lords]  3rd

Ragwort Control previously Equine Welfare (Ragwort Control)  7th

Railways & Transport Safety*  4th

Regional Assemblies (Preparations)*  1st

Regulation of Child Care Providers  12th

Retirement Income Reform  7th

Road and Street Works (Notice and Compensation)  12th

Road Safety  15th

Road Traffic (Amendment) [Lords]  1st

Sex Discrimination in Private Clubs  8th

Sexual Offences [Lords]*  7th & 12th

Street Furniture (Graffiti)  17th

Sunday Working (Scotland)  4th

Sustainable Energy  8th

Taxation (Information) [Lords]  12th

Telecommunications Masts (Railways)  15th

Traveller Law Reform  12th

UK Elections (Observers)  17th

Voting Age (Reduction to 16) [Lords]  1st

Waste & Emissions Trading [Lords]*  1st

Water [Lords]*  7th

Welfare of Laying Hens (Enriched Cages)  8th

Wild Mammals (Protection) (Amendment) [Lords]  1st

Wild Mammals (Protection) (Amendment) (No. 2) [Lords]  1st

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Prepared 24 November 2003