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Joint Committee On Human Rights - Nineteenth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 17 November 2003.


Terms of Reference


1 The Inquiry undertaken by the Joint Committee

2 Background to the Draft Bill

Sex, gender, and gender dysphoria

The traditional attitude to gender reassignment in English law

Developments in EC law and the effect on national law in the UK

The impact of the ECHR

The recent decisions of the Strasbourg Court and the House of Lords, and their implications

The Government's position since Goodwin and I.

What the legislation needs to do

3 The Draft Gender Recognition Bill

Recognition of 'acquired gender'

Should recognition be limited to post-operative transsexual people?

Are any legal problems presented by the language of gender rather than sex?

The effect of a recognized change of gender

The first issue: general retrospective effect in relation to marriages

The second issue: providing a remedy for the successful litigants and others whose cases were pending

The demands of certainty and procedures for recognising an acquired gender

The need to apply to a Gender Recognition Panel, and the procedural and registration requirements  

The criteria for granting a gender recognition certificate

Parties to marriages who acquire a new gender after marriage

Anti-discrimination law

Sex discrimination on the ground of the person's acquired gender

Discrimination on the ground that the victim is a transsexual person

Rights of third parties

Parental responsibilities and rights

Succession to property, etc  

Members of religious groups

4 Conclusion and summary of recommendations


Summary of Recommendations

Formal Minutes

List of Written Evidence published in Volume II

Written Evidence

Reports from the Joint Committee on Human Rights since 2001

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Prepared 20 November 2003