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Joint Committee On Human Rights - Written Evidence[Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Written Evidence which were ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 17 November 2003.


1a.Letter from the Clerk to Gender RecognitionDivision, Department for Constitutional Affairs

1b.Response to the Clerk's Letter from theDepartment for Constitutional Affairs

1c.Supplementary Memorandum from the Departmentfor Constitutional Affairs

2. Submission from The Beaumont Trust

3. Submission from Christian SpiritualityGroup for the Transgendered (The SIBYLS)

4. Submission from the Croydon Area Gay Society

5. Submission by Discrimination Law Association

6. Submission from the Equal OpportunitiesCommission

7. Submission from the Evangelical Alliance

8.Submission from Gender Identity Researchand Education Society (GIRES)

9. Submission from The Gender Trust

10. Submission from Liberty

11. Submission from Lima House Group

12.Submission from Metropolitan CommunityChurch of Manchester

13. Submission from the Northern IrelandHuman Rights Commission

14. Submission from Post-Op Women UK Group

15.Submission from Press for Change

16.Submission from Dr Tracie O'Keefe, Sexand Gender Education, Australia (SAGE)

17.Submission from the Scottish Human RightsCentre

18.Submission from Yogi Amin, Solicitor

19.Submission from A and B

20.Submission from Ashley Bayston, Barristerat Law

21.Submission from Elizabeth A Bellinger

22.Submission from G D and S L Brooks

23.Submission from C and D

24.Submission from Jenny Day and Alison Bennett

25.Submission from Mrs C

26.Submission from Melanie and Sue Cherriman

27.Submission from E

28.Submission from Christine Goodwin

29.Submission from Reverend David Horton

30.Submission from F

31.Submission removed at request of witness

32.Submission from Gina Large

33.Submission from G

34.Submission from Kay Nicholson

35.Submission from Miss Roslyn Owens

36.Submission from Reverend Wena D Parry

37.Submission from Ann and Kathleen

38.Submission from Mrs T D Roberts

39.Submission from Tam Sanger

40.Submission from Fiona Scott

41.Submission from Captain Kristina SheffieldBA (Psych) SCR BCR

42.Submission from Brenda Lana Smith

43.Submission removed at request of witness

44.Submission from Allena Tyrell

45.Submission from Jay Walmsley

46.Submission from Mrs W

47.Submission from Janet and Sarah Wood

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Prepared 4 December 2003