Joint Committee On Human Rights Written Evidence

19.Submission from A and B[51]

  1.  My partner and I would like to record our warmest thanks to everyone who has played a part in drafting the Gender Recognition Bill.

  2.  We both endorse the concerns and recommendations raised in the submission presented by Press For Change on behalf of transsexual people.

  3.  I was born in Ohio, USA to English parents, and therefore hold an American birth certificate. Ohio is one of only three American states which do not yet have legislation in place to issue new birth certificates to transsexual people. I understand that I will be able to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate, and therefore will enjoy the protection of law, but will not, of course, be able to obtain a replacement Birth Certificate. This does mean that I will still have to disclose my status at any time I have to show the Gender Recognition Certificate eg to prospective employers and other officials where proof of identity is demanded. I live in a very rural area of the country where attitudes are quite different to an urban area, and this disclosure makes me very vulnerable to prejudice.

  4.  I therefore ask if it is possible to produce the GRC in a format that appears so similar to a UK birth certificate that it will satisfy the need for proof of identity without arousing suspicion?

  5.  I welcome the penalties proposed if a person's privacy is compromised disclosure of status. In addition I would like to see further more included in the Bill for indiscriminate, malicious or serial disclosure.

11 September 2003

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Prepared 4 December 2003