Joint Committee On Human Rights Written Evidence

33.Submission from G[57]

  I write as someone suffering from gender dysphoria who is being helped through a very traumatic period in my life by a very loving, supportive and understanding wife. We have been married for more than 36 years and have children and grandchildren.

  I was pleased when the above Bill was published but dismayed to find that I would need to divorce my wife if I were to have what I firmly believe to be my true gender recognised in law. Surely it cannot be right to remove one injustice and replace it with another?

  I was also disappointed to find that there was very little in the Bill to provide the protection against discrimination that transsexuals so urgently require in the provision of goods and services. Would it not be an ideal opportunity to address this issue at the same time and thereby provide transsexuals with the legal protection they need and deserve?

  I am not a lawyer and am therefore in no position to make any proposals for changes in the wording of the Bill that might remove these injustices. However, I have read the submission of Ms Gina Large dated 29 August 2003 and would wish to give my full support to the proposals she has put forward.

  I trust that those who have accepted the responsibility for maintaining a legal system that is still viewed by many as being second to none in the world, may have the compassion and will to implement a Bill that will free transsexuals from at least some of the burdens they are forced to bear as a result of their condition.

9 September 2003

57   The author of this memorandum provided their name and address but asked for them not to be published. Back

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