Joint Committee On Human Rights Written Evidence

39.Submission from Tam Sanger

  I am writing with regards to recommendations made to you by Ms Gina Large (letter dated 29 August 2003) in relation to the Gender Recognition Bill.

  I am currently in the process of writing a PhD thesis examining intimate relationships involving transpeople; therefore I have researched this area thoroughly and spoken to many transpeople and their partners. I have also been in a relationship with a transperson myself and am well aware of the problems which can arise in relation to the law.

  I fully support Ms Large's recommendations and hope that you will consider them very seriously before any decisions are made about the Bill. Transpeople are marginalised and mistreated enough in our society without being forced to divorce their partners. Partners who have decided to stay with their transsexual wife or husband have often been through a lot of heartache and suffering and they should not be made to go through even more. I am very pleased that transpeople will soon be able to change their birth certificates, and also marry in their chosen gender, but this should not mean that other transpeople and their partners lose out.

  I hope it will be possible to find a solution which recognises the points of view of all transpeople and of their partners.

5 September 2003

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Prepared 4 December 2003