Joint Committee On Human Rights Written Evidence

44.Submission from Allena Tyrell

  1.  Statement by Ms Rosie Winterton, Parliamentary Secretary Lord Chancellors Department, 13 December 2002.

    "We have concluded that there is no need for transsexual people to be given new National Insurance numbers on registering in their acquired gender. NI numbers give no indication of gender, and employment and data protection legislation should give adequate protection against careless or malicious disclosure in the rare instances where the number enables a link to be made between former and current identities."

  That was last year, it is evident this is not compatible with amendments to birth certificates, we also see no reason to change National Insurance numbers only the system within these organisations to conform with the new law. Information is hard to obtain from busy senior staff, leads to extra work mistakes and delays, others can verify this fact. No doubt the Committee is aware of this. The following evidence is meant to assist in ensuring against loopholes in the law and to prevent institutional sex discrimination of an adverse nature within the meaning of the Sex Discrimination Acts , therefore avoiding the UK Government breaking its own rule of law.

  2.  The following letters and print outs from the DWP illustrate how confused the present system is resulting in loss of identity[59]

  3.  Employment Application NHS—typical example, including hurried notes written on top of letter, my notepad, and anonymous e-mail from ex-workplace team mate[60]

  4.  In conclusion, it's possible to supply you with much more information from Inland Revenue, we can ask for police rules and guidelines, Education Authority Records, DVLC, lack of legal advocacy access to lawyers, the Armed Forces, Passport Office, Census Records, it even extends to local bye laws for public toilets, the Citizens Advice Bureau, access to local Women's Refuge in domestic violence situations, this would be endless. In any case much of this evidence has been presented to UK Courts in a few cases includes life threatening violence, murder and rape. I myself suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome. This is the well documented background which surely you will have no difficulty in getting.

  The evidence shown here is of a highly sensitive nature and forms a part of my daily life, the dual identity government rules are much hated by many and feared by others. This is an objective rational account and is intended to supply you with information that the majority of us do not disclose willingly. No CRB evidence is supplied as I have not been fortunate enough to be offered employment in the Education System although I hold relevant qualifications and despite many applications. Another point is the lack of representation in ticking of boxes in the routine monitoring of equal opportunities this surely needs no presentation of evidence all of the forms are easily available to anyone. This evidence is purposely kept as short as to avoid endless repetition, you will no doubt have received more from other sources and original letters and notes are shown where possible. In perspective have included newspaper reports these are read world wide.

5.  Specific Issue Conclusion—Sensitive Access DWP and NHS

  After being granted the Gender Recognition Certificate and obtaining an amended Birth Certificate storing the aforementioned information as outlined in paragraph 2 and 3, with restricted sensitive information, {a valid reason for retaining is certainly required for the CRB), the new proposed Bill needs to make it clear that all of this kind of data information must not be brought up at all whatsoever on a daily basis as irrelevant to objective true real identity, at present only being accessed by certain particular staff, in this instance we are meaning specific gender status, the Gender Recognition Certificate would be an excellent point of reference, to maintain continuity of service we see the need for retaining the one and only National Insurance number. The old information should be stored in a similar way as is done at present with DVLC Driving Licences and Passports[61] Civil servants and professional government administrators are well able to deal with this with today's systems, it may indeed make improvements to the workload. This submission cannot make exact suggestions on the technical aspects of how it runs. In this very real world a dual gender identity is totally impractical, unworkable and impossible, yet educated middle class NHS health care professionals, Civil Servants and Ms Rosie Winterton (Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellors Department, 13 December 2002) appear to think this. Some psychologists and sociologists say this is a mass delusion, or is it due in part to lack of documentary evidence and misinformation? This submission is meant to add to all of the evidence you already have at your disposal.

6.  Post script peripheral information

  In perspective these kind of accurate news items are read worldwide, have met ordinary people from many countries, who are more informed of this subject than their counterparts in the UK.

5 September 2003

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