Joint Committee On Human Rights Sixth Report


  Three sectors were chosen for detailed examination—local government, health care and social housing. Local government and health care were sectors nominated by the JCHR in commissioning the report. Social housing was added during the course of the study in order to explore the impact of the HRA on quasi-public functions and activities. The selection of these three sectors for study was not made on the basis that they were known to be significantly better or worse than other areas of public activity. All three sectors have been the subject of legal challenge under the HRA but not in a manner more marked than other areas of activity. All three sectors perform functions and provided services with an impact across the community. Local government, in particular, is a key player if human rights are to be successfully integrated into services provided for the wider community.

  The findings and conclusions drawn on these three sectors cannot be taken to automatically translate across to all areas of public activity. At the same time, sufficient reference was obtained to other areas such as social services and education that it would be surprising if a markedly different picture was to emerge from other fields of public activity.

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Prepared 26 March 2003