Joint Committee On Human Rights Seventh Report


(SESSION 2002/03)

Government Bills are indicated by an asterisk (*)

Animals (Electric Shock Collars) Bill  7th Report

Arms Control & Disarmament Bill [Lords]*  1st Report

Aviation (Offences) Bill  4th Report

Communication Bill*  1st Report, 4th Report

Community Care (Delayed Discharges) Bill*   1st Report, 3rd Report, 7th Report

Consolidated Fund Bill*  4th Report

Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill*   1st Report

Consolidated Fund (No.2) Bill*  7th Report

Co-operatives & Community Benefit Societies Bill  4th Report

Courts Bill [Lords]*  1st Report, 4th Report

Crime (International Co-operation) Bill [Lords]*  1st Report, 3rd Report, 7th Report

Criminal Justice Bill*   1st Report, 2nd Report, 7th Report

Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill  4th Report

Dealing in Cultural Objects (Offences) Bill  4th Report

Electricity (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill*  4th Report

Endangered Species (Illegal Trade) Bill  4th Report

Equality Bill [Lords]  4th Report

Equine Welfare (Ragwort Control) Bill  7th Report

European Parliament (Representation) Bill*  1st Report

European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Bill [Lords]  1st Report

Extradition Bill*  1st Report

Fireworks Bill  7th Report

Greater London Authority Act 1999 (Repeal) Bill [Lords]  3rd Report

Health (Wales) Bill*  1st Report

Health & Safety at Work (Offences) Bill  4th Report

High Hedges Bill [Lords]  1st Report

House of Lords (Amendment) Bill [Lords]  7th Report

Human Fertilisation & Embryology (Amendment) Bill  7th Report

Hunting Bill*  3rd Report, 7th Report

Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Bill*  4th Report

Industrial Development (Financial Assistance) Bill*  1st Report

Licensing Bill [Lords]*  1st Report, 4th Report, 7th Report

Litter & Fouling of Land by Dogs Bill  7th Report

Local Government Bill*  1st Report

Marine Safety Bill  7th Report

Ministerial and other Salaries (Amendment) Bill [Lords]  7th Report

Municipal Waste Recycling Bill  7th Report

National Lottery (Funding of Endowments) Bill  7th Report

National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill [Lords]*  1st Report

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Bill*  7th Report

Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill [Lords]  7th Report

Patients' Protection Bill [Lords]  1st Report

Pensions (Winding-Up) Bill  7th Report

Planning & Compulsory Purchase Bill*  3rd Report

Police (Northern Ireland) Bill [Lords]*  3rd Report

Public Services (Disruption) Bill [Lords]  3rd Report

Railways & Transport Safety Bill*  4th Report

Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill*  1st Report

Retirement Income Reform Bill  7th Report

Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill [Lords]  1st Report

Sexual Offences Bill [Lords]*  7th Report

Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill  4th Report

Voting Age (Reduction to 16) Bill [Lords]  1st Report

Waste & Emissions Trading Bill [Lords]*  1st Report

Water Bill [Lords]*  7th Report

Wild Mammals (Protection)(Amendment) Bill [Lords]  1st Report

Wild Mammals (Protection)(Amendment) (No.2) Bill [Lords]  1st Report

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Prepared 21 March 2003