Joint Committee On Human Rights Eighth Report

Disabled People (Duties of Public Authorities) Bill

28. The Disabled People (Duties of Public Authorities) Bill[40] was introduced by Bridget Prentice MP. Explanatory Notes, prepared by the Department of Work and Pensions, have been published. The Bill would amend the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to allow the Secretary of State by order to specify certain people exercising functions of a public nature (public authorities). Those people would then have a duty, when carrying out their functions, to have regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination against and harassment of disabled persons, and to pursue the equalization of opportunity for disabled people. It would also allow the Disability Rights Commission to issue codes of practice in relation to the performance of the positive duty of public authorities. This positive duty would be a little like that imposed on certain public authorities under the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.

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Prepared 11 April 2003