Joint Committee On Human Rights Eighth Report

3. Letter from Rt Hon the Lord Slynn of Hadley, Chairman, Joint Committee on the Draft Corruption Bill, to the Chairman


The draft Corruption Bill was published today (as Cm. 5777) and the Joint Committee appointed to consider it met for the first time this afternoon. We will be seeking written evidence shortly and starting to hear oral evidence in May, with the objective of reporting in early July.

We have the benefit of three Members of your Committee—Vera Baird, Richard Shepherd and Baroness Whitaker—and will avoid meeting at your regular time on Monday afternoons. I would very much value your Committees s views on the draft Bill—the original Law Commission draft was prepared before human rights enjoyed as much prominence as they do today.

I understand that your Committee normally produces a report on all draft Bills. It would be very helpful to us if such a report was available before we start taking oral evidence in early May. I have asked the Clerks of my Committee to keep your staff informed of our progress.

24 March 2003

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Prepared 11 April 2003