Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Nineteenth Report

Appendix 6

S.I. 2003/1157: memorandum from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Plant Health (Amendment) (England) Order 2003 (S.I. 2003/1157)

116.  The Plant Health (Amendment) (England) Order 2003 amends various schedules to the Plant Health (Great Britain) Order 1993 ("the principal Order").

117.  The principal Order is subject to a number of previous amending Orders; a consolidating measure is therefore desirable. In view of this, the Department made significant progress in drafting a consolidated Plant Health Order.

118.  However, a new Directive (Directive 2002/89/EC (OJ No. L355, 30.12.02, p.45)) making wholesale changes to the plant health import regime from 1st January 2005, necessitates substantial revision of the Plant Health Order. The Department has already commenced work on the implementation of this Directive.

119.  In view of the circumstances outlined above, the Department has decided to focus its attention on implementing Directive 2002/89/EC in the context of a new and consolidated Plant Health Order, rather than consolidating existing plant health legislation at this stage, to be followed by implementation of Directive 2002/89/EC.

16th April 2003

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