Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirtieth Report

Appendix 3

S.I. 2003/1871: memorandum from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Consular Fees Order 2003 (S.I. 2003/1871)

1. The Committee raised the following points on the above Order:

Explain why the Explanatory Note does not indicate the old fees or the amount or scale of the increase.

Indicate the fees which have been increased, setting out the previous fees and the new fees, and explain the reasons for the increase.

The Explanatory Note states that the Order decreases certain passport fees. Identify those fees.

2. It was felt that too many changes were made for inclusion in the Explanatory Note. An Explanatory Memorandum should have been provided instead. This is now attached.

3. The Committee also raised the following point on the above Order:

In relation to applications made in person in the United Kingdom for a passport of 48 pages, explain why two different fees (£71 and £84.50) are specified in new Fee 13(b)(i) and (ii) for "using the fast-track service". Should "fast-track service" in (ii) have read "fast-track collect service"?

4. It should. This was a mistake and will be corrected at the first opportunity.

November 2001

Explanatory Memorandum

5. The above Order amends the Consular Fees (No.2) Order 1999 (S.I. 1999/3132) in order to increase certain passport fees: Fee 12(a)(i) from £33 to £45; Fee 12(a)(ii) from £19 to £25; Fee 12(b)(i) from £63 to £70; Fee 12(b)(ii) from £49 to £60; Fee 12(b)(v) from £78 to £89; Fee 12(b)(vi) from £64 to £71; Fee 12(c)(i) from £54.50 to £56.50; Fee 12(c)(ii) from £34.70 to £36.50; Fee 13(a) from £40 to £54.50; Fee 13(b)(i) from £70 to £71; Fee 13(b)(iii) from £85 to £95.50; Fee 13(c) from £65.20 to £67.70; Fee 15 from £45 to £46.90; Fee 19 from £33.90 to £35.50. The increases are necessary to recover administrative costs.

6. Certain passport fees are decreased: former Fees 15(a), 15(b) and 16, which are withdrawn.

7. The Order also introduces a fast-track collect service as an alternative to the fast-track and premium services.

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Prepared 12 November 2003