Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirty-First Report

3 S.I. 2003/2148: defective drafting

Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (Consolidation) (England) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2003 (S.I. 2003/2148)

3.1 The Committee draws the special attention of both Houses to these Regulations on the ground that they are defectively drafted.

3.2 Regulation 6 amends regulation 10 of the Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (Consolidation) (England) Regulations 2001 (S.I. 2001/2897), by inserting a new paragraph numbered (4) after paragraph (3) and amending the existing paragraph (4) to include a reference to the new paragraph (4). In a memorandum printed at Appendix 3, the Department for Education and Skills accepts that the new paragraph should have been numbered (3A) and that the reference added to the existing paragraph (4) should have been to that paragraph. The Department undertakes to rectify the mistake when the 2001 Regulations are next amended.

3.3 The Committee accordingly reports regulation 6 for defective drafting, acknowledged by the Department.

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Prepared 17 November 2003