Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirty-Second Report

S.I. 2003/2553: further memorandum from the Department of Trade and Industry

1. The Department has received the Committee's memorandum of 4th November. It raises 2 points which require explanation.

The omission of an Explanatory Note

2. Owing to oversight by the Department, the copies of the instrument sent to the Committee omitted the Explanatory Note. The Department apologises for this, and for any inconvenience it may cause the Committee. The copies of the instrument laid before Parliament did include the Explanatory Note. The Department undertakes to supply the Committee with complete copies of the instrument as soon as possible.

The references to "calendar month"

3. The Department accepts that the references to "calendar month" in regulation 5(1) and (3) are unnecessary, given the definition in Schedule 1 to the Interpretation Act 1978. The Department submits that any confusion caused by these unnecessary references is likely to be minimal; however it accepts that they are undesirable and undertakes, when the instrument is next amended, to amend the reference to "calendar month" to "month".

7th November 2003

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 26 November 2003