Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments First Special Report

Annex 1: Extract from instructions sent to Departments in 2003

The Committee has decided to repeat its annual exercise of requesting returns from Departments setting out action taken in respect of instruments reported by the Committee in the previous year. It has also decided to request information from Departments on the action taken in respect of instruments reported in previous years on which action remains outstanding.

Each Department is therefore requested to submit a return in graphic form as shown in the enclosed examples. The tables should be headed by the name of the Department and the total number of instruments reported on in 2002, or on which action remains outstanding from 2001, 2000 or previous years, as appropriate. Nil returns should also be submitted.

In the first section, please list any and all instruments listed in the information submitted in 2001 (i.e. both "Instruments outstanding from 2000" and "Instruments reported in 2001") on which action was then still outstanding and indicate what, if any, action has been taken in 2002. If no action has been taken, an explanation should be given in the 'Observations' section. An example table is given (and can be supplied in electronic format on request).

In the second section only instruments which have been drawn to the special attention of both Houses in the course of 2002 should be noted (i.e. any instrument the title of which is listed in bold on the cover of 15th-40th Reports of Session 2001-02, and 1st-5th Reports of Session 2002-03). The columns in the table should be completed as follows:

a.  JCSI Report — list only those reports which concern your department. Nil returns for the year should be submitted.  

b.  Instrument title — the full title and number as it appears on the cover of the report, and in the same order. If the Committee's comments are addressed to more than one instrument, the same format should be followed in the return as on the original report.

c.  Regulation number and ground for reporting - list the regulations reported on and the ground(s) on which each was reported. Please follow the order in the relevant Report in addressing each one separately.

d.  Type of response - the response from the Department should be classified as follows:—

No action necessary (use observations column to specify reasons);

  Correction slip issued (give date);

  Instrument reissued/reprinted (give date);

    Amending instrument issued (give date; title to be included in       observations);

    Committee's comments incorporated in succeeding instrument (give date; title to be included in observations);

    Awaiting opportunity to amend/act on comments (likely date to be noted in observations if known);

    Other (explain).

e.  Observations - to be used for explanations of other entries, including reasons for no action being needed, estimates of dates of action and identifying points on which the Department is in disagreement with the Committee.

May 2003

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Prepared 17 March 2004