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Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments First Special Report

Appendix 6b

Food Standards Agency: instruments reported, 2000-2002

Total number of instruments reported:   2000:  3 (of which action on 2 remains outstanding)

            2001:  0

            2002:  3 (of which action on 1 remains outstanding)

† — denotes function transferred from the Department of Health

* — denotes function transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
JCSI Report Instrument title Regulation No. and ground for reporting Type and date of response Observations
17th Food Standards Act 1999 (Transitional and Consequential Provisions and Savings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2000
(S.I. 2000/656) †
Schedule 4, Part VIII, paragraph 3: Defective drafting Awaiting opportunity to amend. This S.I. amended The Fresh Meat (Beef Controls) (No. 2) Regulations 1996 (S.I. 1996/2097) and in so doing corrupted the text of Regulation 5(2) of this Instrument. There are plans to amend S.I. 1996/2097 in the near future and the error will be corrected then.

Meat Products (Hygiene) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2000
(S.I. 2000/790) *
Regulation 1: Unjustified breach of 21 Day Rule No action necessary Comment noted. Two Explanatory Memoranda were sent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on 15 March 2000 and 17 April 2000 respectively.
Food Irradiation Provisions (England) Regulations 2000

(S.I. 2000/2254)

(a) 3: Defective drafting

(b) 7(b): Defective drafting

(c) Failure to comply with paragraph 2.48 of the Statutory Instrument Practice

(d) 9(c): Requires elucidation

(e) 12: Defective drafting

(f) 14(a): [Printing error]

(g) 15: Defective drafting

(a) (b) (d) (e) and (g): Awaiting opportunity to amend

(c) No action necessary

(f) Other

(a) (b) (d) (e) (f) and (g)

In the process of drafting the appropriate amending legislation

(c) Comments noted. Paragraph 2.48 of the Statutory Instrument Practice will be adhered to in future.

2001 - NIL
18th Food and Animals Feedingstuffs (Product of Animal Origin from China) (Control) (England) Regulations 2002
(S.I. 2002/183)
Regulation 6(1): defective drafting Instrument revoked Revoked by the Food and Animal Feedingstuffs (Products of Animal Origin from China) (Emergency Control) (England) Regulations 2002 (S.I. 2002/1614), regulation 6
24th Food (Star Anise from Third Countries) (Emergency Control) (England) Order 2002
(S.I. 2202/334)
Article 3 - Failure to include an express provision in the order to Identify the competent authority constitutes defective drafting

Article 5(1) - It makes an unexpectedly limited use of the enabling power

Amending instrument issued. Corrected by the Food (Star Anise from Third Countries) (Emergency Control) (England) Amendment Order 2002 (S.I. 2002/602) c.i.f. 20 March 2002.
24th Notification of Marketing of Food for Particular Nutritional Uses (England and Wales) Regulations 2002

(S.I. 2002/333)

Regulation 6 - defective drafting. The italicised words "unless the context otherwise requires" should have been omitted, since there is no context in which a different interpretation is required. Awaiting opportunity to amend.

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