Joint Committee On Human Rights Third Report

4 Private Members' Bills

4.1 The following Bills, being Private Members' Bills, do not carry a statement of compatibility with Convention rights, but do not seem to us to engage Convention or other human rights in ways which require to be drawn to the attention of either House at this time.

a)  Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill [HL],[45]

b)  Executive Powers and Civil Service Bill [HL],[46]

c)  Harbours Bill [HL],[47]

d)  Wild Mammals (Protection) (Amendment) Bill [HL].[48]

45   House of Lords Bill 11 (Lord Beaumont of Whitley). Back

46   House of Lords Bill 15 (Lord Lester of Herne Hill). Back

47   House of Lords Bill 7 (Lord Berkeley). Back

48   House of Lords Bill 16 (Lord Donoughue). Back

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© Parliamentary copyright 2004
Prepared 26 January 2004