Joint Committee On Human Rights Third Report

Public Bills Reported on by the Committee (Session 2003-04)

* indicates a Government Bill

Bills which engage human rights and on which the Committee has commented substantively are in bold

BILL TITLE                  REPORT NO

Air Traffic Emissions Reduction [Lords]            3rd

Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation)*          3rd

Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc)*        3rd

Child Trust Funds*                  3rd

Consolidated Fund*                  3rd

Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims [Lords]*          3rd

Executive Powers and Civil Service [Lords]            3rd

Harbours [Lords]                  3rd

Health Protection Agency [Lords]*              3rd

Higher Education*                  3rd

Horserace Betting and Olympic Lottery*            3rd

Planning and Compulsory Purchase*              3rd

Public Audit (Wales) [Lords]*              3rd

Statute Law (Repeals) [Lords]*              3rd

Wild Mammals (Protection)(Amendment) [Lords]          3rd

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Prepared 26 January 2004