Select Committee on Draft Children (Contact) and Adoption Bill First Report

Chapter 3: Facilitating and monitoring contact (clause 2)

187.  We examine the issue of resources in detail in Chapter 8. In this Chapter we simply note the importance of ensuring that CAFCASS is appropriately resourced and organised to take on the new roles, including the facilitation and monitoring of contact, envisaged for it under the draft Bill. (para 72)

188.  We recommend, in respect of Family Assistance Orders, that the full Bill should:

(i)  remove the requirement for there to be 'exceptional circumstances';

(ii)  remove the need to obtain the consent of all those who are to be named in the order;

(iii)  permit an order to be made for up to 12 months in the first instance (in line with the facilitation and monitoring provisions of clause 2), and to be renewed for an unlimited period of time if necessary; and

(iv)  require that FAOs should be operated by CAFCASS, or a Welsh family proceedings officer, which is equipped to carry out such work, and not local authorities. (para 79)

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