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Joint Committee On Human Rights - Written Evidence [Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Written Evidence which were ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 22 March 2007.


1 Memorandum from Positive Action in Housing

2. Memorandum from the Chartered Institute of Housing

3. Memorandum from Ayrshire Friends of Refugees Group

4. Memorandum from Reverend Gill Jackson, Director of Social Responsibility for the Diocese of Leicester

5. Memorandum from the Campaign to Close Campsfield and the Barbed Wire Britain Network to End Refugee and Migrant Detention

6. Memorandum from Your Homes Newcastle

7. Letter from Rev Dr Iain Whyte

8. Memorandum from Ingrid Eades

9. Memorandum from members of the Britain Zimbabwe Society

10. Memorandum from the Commission for Racial Equality

11. Memorandum from the Coventry Peace House

12. Memorandum from Refugee Action

13. Memorandum from Medact

14. Memorandum from Barnardo's

15. Memorandum from John Horgan

16. Memorandum from Dr Helen Bolderson

17. Memorandum from the London Detainee Support Group

18. Memorandum from the Terrance Higgins Trust

19. Memorandum from the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group

20. Memorandum from the Warwickshire Monthly Meeting Asylum Group (Quaker)

21. Memorandum from The Reaching Out Project, Medact

22. Memorandum from the Lambeth Primary Care Trust

23. Memorandum from Doctors for Human Rights

24. Memorandum from the Law Centre (NI)

25. Memorandum from Barbara Barnes

26. Memorandum from the National Asylum Commission

27. Memorandum from Psychologists Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PSYRAS)

28. Memorandum from Refugee Resource

29. Memorandum by the British Red Cross Society

30. Memorandum from Bail for Immigration Detainees

31. Memorandum from the Refugee Council

32. Memorandum from the Black & Minority Ethnic Health Forum in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster

33. Memorandum from the Children's Society

34. Memorandum from the Zimbabwe Association

35. Memorandum from Citizens Advice

36. Memorandum from Medical Justice


37. Memorandum by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

38. Memorandum from the Forensic Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

39. Memorandum from Islington Council

40. Letter from Didier D Matamba

41. Memorandum from the Settle Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

42. Memorandum from the African HIV Policy Network

43. Memorandum from the Asylum Support Appeals Project

44. Memorandum from the Mapesbury Clinic

45. Memorandum from the British Psychological Society

46. Memorandum from Médecins du Monde

47. Memorandum from the Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees

APPENDIX A Memorandum from London Detainee Support Group, September 2006

48. Memorandum from the North West Consortium (East) for Asylum Seekers and Refugees regarding the Pilot under the Section 9 Regime by the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND)

49. Memorandum from the Housing and Immigration Group

50. Memorandum from the National AIDS Trust

51. Memorandum from Pollokshaws Framework for Dialogue Group

52. Letter from Hojjat Masouleh

53. Memorandum from Hira Malik

54. Memorandum from the Reverend Mary Taylor

55. Memorandum from the UK AIDS and Human Rights Project

56. Memorandum from the Children's Commissioner for England on behalf of the Children's Commissioners for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

57. Memorandum from Anne Owers, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

58. Memorandum from the Bail Circle of the Churches' Commission for Racial Justice

59. Memorandum from the Scottish Refugee Council

60. Memorandum from Amnesty International UK

61. Memorandum from the Yorkshire & Humberside Consortium

62. Memorandum from The Law Society

63. Memorandum from the National Consortia Co-ordinating Group

64. Memorandum from Caroline Sawyer

65. Memorandum from the Children & Young People HIV Network and the Children's HIV Association for the UK and Ireland (CHIVA)

66. Memorandum from Oxfam


67. Memorandum from the Inter Agency Partnership




68. Memorandum from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

69. Memorandum from the Home Office and the Department of Health

70. Memorandum from The Immigration Law Practitioners' Association

71. Memorandum by the Scottish Refugee Policy Forum

72. Memorandum from Karibu

73. Memorandum from UNHCR

74. Memorandum from Save the Children

Annex 1

75. Memorandum from Education Action International and Liberty

76. Memorandum from the Press Complaints Commission

77. Letter from C L Thornber

78. Memorandum from the All African Women's Group, Black Women's Rape Action Project, Legal Action for Women, Women Against Rape

79. Memorandum from Robin Esser, Executive Managing Editor, The Daily Mail

80. Letter from the Office of the Children's Commissioner

Annex A

Annex B

Annex C

81. Memorandum from The Daily Express

82. Letter from Bail for Immigration Detainees

82. Further memorandum from Bail for Immigration Detainees

83. Letter from Mr Andrew Dismore MP, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Human Rights to Mr Liam Byrne MP, Minister of State for Nationality, Citizenship and Immigration, Home Office

84. Memorandum by the London Borough of Hillingdon

85. Memorandum from The Children's Society's Young Refugees North East Project in Newcastle

86. Letter from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Home Office

87. Memorandum by the GMB London Region

88. Memorandum by Alistair Burt MP

89. Letter from the Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP, Minister of State for Health Services, Department of Health

90. Memorandum from the Equality and Diversity Forum

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

91. Supplementary memorandum by the Scottish Refugee Policy Forum

92. Letter from Liam Byrne MP, Minister of State, Home Office

93. Further letter from Liam Byrne, Minister of State, Home Office

94. Supplementary memorandum from the Scottish Refugee Council

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Prepared 30 March 2007