Ecclesiastical Committee Two-Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Report


14.  The Measure is a short one, containing only five sections. However, section 1 is fairly long, and a number of its subsections received lengthy and detailed consideration during the Synodical process. In order to assist the Ecclesiastical Committee, the following account of the main provisions of the Measure therefore divides up section 1 into groups of related subsections, before going on to deal with the remaining sections of the Measure:
Section(s) Para(s)Page(s)
A  The right to marry in a parish with which the person concerned has a qualifying connection 1(1) & (12)(b) 16-4313-19
B  The qualifying connections1(3), (4), (12)(c), (13) & (14) 44-6220-25
C  The places where a marriage under the Measure may take place 1(1), (2), (10) & (11) 63-7526-28
D  The minister1(12)(a) 76-7729
E  The information to be provided in order to establish a qualifying connection 1(8) & (9)78-81 30-31
F  Publication of banns1(5)-(8) 82-8332
G  Marriage by common licence2 84-8833
H  Guidance3 89-9234
I  Supplementary provisions, citation, commencement and extent 4 & 593-96 35
Appendix 37

15.  The paragraphs which follow use the following abbreviations:

"the 1949 Act" - the Marriage Act 1949;

"the 1983 Measure" - the Pastoral Measure 1983;

"the Church Representation Rules" - the Rules in Schedule 3 to the Synodical Government Measure 1969;

"the HRA" - the Human Rights Act 1998;

"parishioner" - a person resident in the parish or entered on the church electoral roll of the parish;

"the Revision Committee" - the General Synod Committee which, under the Synod's Standing Orders, had the task of considering the Measure in detail, with any proposals for amendments, and amending the Measure as it thought appropriate within the terms of the Standing Orders;

"the Working Group" - the Group chaired by the Bishop of Newcastle which prepared the draft Measure submitted to the Synod.

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