Ecclesiastical Committee Two-Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Report

D. Section 1(12)(a)—the "minister"

76.  The "minister" has a key role in much of the second half of section 1. Section 1(12)(a) lays down in detail who is to be the "minister" under the Measure:

  • normally it will be the incumbent or, if the benefice is vacant, the priest-in-charge if any;
  • however, if some other priest has been given a special cure of souls for the area including the church where the marriage is to be solemnised, he or she is to be the minister;
  • in the case of a team ministry where there is no-one with a special cure of souls within the previous category, and no incumbent or priest in charge, the minister will be the team vicar appointed by the bishop as "acting team rector" or, if there is none, the team vicar who has held that office longest in the team ministry; and
  • if there is no one in any of the previous categories to take on the functions of the minister, the rural (or area) dean must do so.


77.  The only issues of substance which were raised on this set of provisions related to the position in team ministries. The detailed proposals which were put forward regarding team ministries did not prove contentious and were accepted by the Revision Committee, and they are incorporated in the explanation given in the previous paragraph.

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