Joint Committee on Human Rights Written Evidence

29.  Letter from Thompsons Solicitors

  We note the call for evidence in relation to a British Bill of Rights.

  Thompsons is the UK's largest trade union, employment rights and personal injury law firm. We have a network of offices across the UK including in the separate legal jurisdictions of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our specialist Employment Rights Unit acts only for trade unions, employees and workers.

  Recently we were privileged to be instructed by ASLEF in their successful ECHR case ASLEF v UK. Previously we were instructed by the NUJ on behalf of their member Dave Wilson in Wilson and Palmer v UK.

  We do not make a separate submission in relation to your call for evidence. However, we have seen the submission made by the Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation (TULO) and endorse its contents.

  We consider if there is to be a British Bill of Rights it is essential that trade union rights are included. If we can assist your committee in any way, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

30 August 2007

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