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Letter from the Chair of the Committee to Trevor Phillips, Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission, dated 5 November 2008

  Thank you for appearing before the Committee last month. As we indicated at the time, we had further questions of interest which we did not have time to ask. Consequently, I would be grateful if you could send us a memorandum dealing with the following matters:

    —  the nature of your engagement with the Fundamental Rights Agency (Q4);

    —  recognition of the EHRC as a national human rights institution: could you let us know what progress is being made on this;

    —  what work you are doing to follow-up the concluding observations of UN human rights institutions, such as the UNCRC, CEDAW and the Universal Periodic Review; and

    —  whether you are pressing the Government to sign up to Optional Protocols to international treaties which provide for an individual right to petition.

  I would be grateful if you could reply by Monday 24 November and if you could send a Word copy of your reply to, in addition to your signed letter.

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