Legislative Scrutiny: Equality Bill - Human Rights Joint Committee Contents


1Letter to the Chair of the Committee from Vera Baird QC MP, Solicitor General, dated 27 April 2009
Ev 18
2Memoranda submitted by the Government Equalities Office
Ev 21; 22
3Letter from the Chair of the Committee to Vera Baird QC MP, Solicitor General dated 2 June 2009
Ev 58
4Letter to the Chair from Vera Baird QC MP, Solicitor General, dated 19 June 2009
Ev 67
5Letter from the Chair to Vera Baird QC MP, Solicitor General, dated 30 June 2009
Ev 92
6Letter to the Chair from Vera Baird QC MP, Solicitor General, dated 16 July 2009
Ev 93
7Memorandum submitted by Age Concern England
Ev 95
8Memorandum submitted by Barry Fitzpatrick
Ev 97
9Memorandum submitted by the Bhagwan Valmiki Trust
Ev 99
10Memorandum submitted by British Naturism
Ev 106
11Memorandum submitted by Carers UK
Ev 108
12Memorandum submitted by Central Valmiki Sabba International
Ev 110
13Memorandum submitted by the Children's Rights Alliance for England
Ev 112
14Memoranda submitted by the Church of England Archbishops Council
Ev 114; 118
15Memorandum submitted by the Committee on the Administration of Justice
Ev 119
16Memorandum submitted by the Disability Charities Consortium
Ev 120
17Memorandum submitted by the Discrimination Law Association
Ev 122
18Memorandum submitted by 11 Million
Ev 124
19Memoranda submitted by the Equality and Diversity Forum
Ev 128; 130
20Memorandum submitted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission
Ev 132
21Memorandum submitted by the Equality Network
Ev 140
22Memorandum submitted by Help the Aged
Ev 142
23Memorandum submitted by Kailash Kaler
Ev 147
24Memorandum submitted by Leonard Cheshire Disability
Ev 147
25Memorandum submitted by Liberty
Ev 149
26Memorandum submitted by Mind
Ev 154
27Memoranda submitted by National Aids Trust (NAT)
Ev 156; 160
28Memorandum submitted by Press for Change
Ev 162
29Memorandum submitted by Race on the Agenda
Ev 165
30Memorandum submitted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Ev 167
31Memorandum submitted by the Scottish Human Rights Commission
Ev 169
32Memoranda submitted by UNISON
Ev 172; 176
33Memorandum submitted by Young Equals
Ev 178
34Memorandum submitted by Age Concern England and Help the Aged
Ev 180
35Letter from the Chair of the Committee to Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP, Secretary of State for Equality, dated 14 November 2007
Ev 183
36Letter from Barbara Follett MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Government Equalities Office, to the Chair, dated 17 December 2007
Ev 187
37Memorandum submitted by the Archbishops Council Board of Education and the National Society
Ev 190
38Memorandum submitted by the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales
Ev 192
39Memorandum submitted by the Christian Schools Trust
Ev 195
40Memorandum submitted by Christian Education Europe
Ev 197
41Memorandum submitted by the United Synagogue Agency for Jewish Education
Ev 199
42  Memorandum submitted by the British Humanist Association
Ev 200

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Prepared 12 November 2009