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Letter to the Information Commissioner dated 23 February 2009

  The Joint Committee on Human Rights is currently considering the compatibility of the Coroners and Justice Bill with the human rights obligations of the United Kingdom. We have written to the Secretary of State for Justice to raise a number of concerns including in respect of the Data Protection proposals in the Bill. We are aware that you have also raised a number of concerns about the adequacy of the safeguards for personal information in the Bill.[27]

  I enclose a copy of our letter to the Secretary of State for Justice and invite you to comment on the questions which we have raised (Questions 38—47). We would also welcome your views on the compatibility of the current provisions with the right to respect for personal information as protected by Article 8 ECHR and the Data Protection Act 1998.

27   Coroners and Justice Bill: Information Commissioner's Commentary on the Data Protection Clauses, 13 February 2009. Back

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Prepared 26 March 2009