The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Human Rights Joint Committee Contents

Written Evidence

1London Autistic Rights Movement Ev 14
2United Nations Convention Campaign Coalition Ev 14; 52
3Department for Work and Pensions Ev 15; 67
4Letter to Ann McGuire MP, Minister for Disabled People Ev 16
5Letter from Ann McGuire MP, Minister for Disabled People Ev 19
6Janet Burton Ev 21
7Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education Ev 22; 23
8European Network of (ex) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP) Ev 23
9RNIB Ev 25
10TUC Ev 27
11Tabitha Collingbourne Ev 29
13Leonard Cheshire Disability Ev 33
14NDCS Ev 35
15Disability Action Ev 37
16Equality and Human Rights Commission Ev 38
17Alliance for Inclusive Education Ev 48
18Disability Equality in Education Ev 50
19Department for Children Schools and Families Ev 54
20TreeHouse Ev 55
21Scope Ev 57
22Deborah King Ev 61
23Spinal Injuries Association Ev 64
24Changing Perspectives Ev 65
25Ray Fletcher Ev 65
26RNID Ev 66
27Letter from Rehabilitation International Ev 67

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Prepared 4 January 2009