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Memorandum submitted by the Department of Work and Pensions

  I appeared before your Committee, with my officials, on 18 November and gave evidence as part of the above inquiry. I attach a corrected copy of the transcript for your Clerk's consideration.

  In respect of the position of the Home Office, that Department has indicated that there may be a need to enter one or more reservations or declarations, which as I understand it and have indicated to the Committee, are founded largely on public health considerations. The possible reservations or declarations are in respect of immigrations and citizenship, with particular but not necessarily exclusive focus on article 18 of the Convention. My officials are continuing to explore with the Home Office the scope and basis for these, and I will write to you further on this point.

  My officials have also made Home Office officials aware of Dr Harris's concerns regarding the potential implications for disabled people of making voluntary work a requirement for citizenship.

  A copy of this letter goes to the Committee Clerk.

Jonathan Shaw

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Prepared 4 January 2009