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Letter from Rehabilitation International

  On behalf of RI, a global and diverse network of over 1,000 disability-related organizations in nearly 100 countries working together to implement the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities, we thank your Government for its support of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

  RI urges your Government to uphold its commitment to this treaty by adopting the CRPD and its Optional Protocol as a matter of priority and without reservations or declarations. Indeed, the call for a UN Disability Rights Convention began in London in 1999, under the leadership of The Rt Hon Lord Morris of Manchester, when the Charter for the Third Millennium was adopted at the RI World Congress.

  The UK government must continue its leadership by ratifying and implementing the CRPD and its Protocol without any reservations, living up to its commitment to upholding disability rights.

13 November 2008

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