Legislative Scrutiny: Financial Services Bill and the Pre-Budget Report - Human Rights Joint Committee Contents

Bills not requiring to be brought to the attention of either House on human rights grounds

2.1 In view of the limited amount of parliamentary time available for legislative scrutiny before the end of this session, the fact that a number of bills may not complete their passage during this session, and the need to complete our other work, we have applied a higher significance threshold than usual to enable us to focus on the most significant human rights issues raised by Government Bills.

2.2 We consider that the following Government bills either do not raise any human rights issues or, applying the higher threshold, do not raise human rights issues of sufficient significance to warrant us undertaking further scrutiny of them:

  • Bribery Bill[8]
  • Cluster Munitions Prohibitions Bill[9]
  • Consolidated Fund Bill
  • Corporation Tax Bill[10]
  • Fiscal Responsibility Bill
  • Flood and Water Management Bill
  • Northern Ireland Assembly Bill
  • Taxation (International and other provisions) Bill[11]
  • Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Bill

8   This is a significant human rights enhancing measure which we welcome as such. Back

9   This is also a significant human rights enhancing measure which we welcome. We are grateful to the FCO for the human rights memorandum it provided to us, which assisted us greatly in our initial scrutiny of this Bill: see page 16. Back

10   A Tax Law Rewrite Bill. The Committee's approach is not to scrutinise such Bills unless a human rights issue is drawn to its attention. Back

11   Also a Tax Law Rewrite Bill. Back

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Prepared 21 December 2009