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4  Conclusion

82. It is regrettable that our first report into the work of the EHRC since the body was set up should have to refer to the resignation of a number of highly-respected commissioners who have made serious allegations about the way in which the organisation is led. These events have damaged the reputation and standing of the EHRC at a time when it needs to establish its credibility and show members of all political parties, and the public at large, why the UK needs a dynamic and effective human rights institution.

83. Although there are recent signs of improvement, we are very disappointed to conclude that the EHRC has so far failed to fulfil its human rights mandate and that its current human rights strategy is in need of substantial enhancement.

84. We previously recommended that the UK needed a national human rights institution to help advance human rights and develop a human rights culture, throughout our public services and beyond. We remain absolutely committed to this vision, but the EHRC now needs to deliver.

85. We regret that Mr Phillips' reappointment was not subject to open competition. Parliament should have been given the opportunity properly to scrutinise the Commission's performance under his leadership. As a consequence of his reappointment, Mr Phillips is now in a position to demonstrate that he can work with others and establish the EHRC on a firm footing.

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