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List of Reports from the Committee during the last Session of Parliament

Session 2009-10
First ReportAny of our business? Human rights and the UK private sector HL Paper 5/HC 64
Second ReportWork of the Committee in 2008-09 HL Paper 20/HC 185
Third ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Financial Services Bill and the Pre-Budget Report HL Paper 184/HC 184
Fourth ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill; Video Recordings Bill HL Paper 33/HC 249
Fifth ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Digital Economy Bill HL Paper 44/HC 327
Sixth ReportDemonstrating Respect for Rights? Follow Up: Government Response to the Committee's Twenty-second Report of Session 2008-09 HL Paper 45/ HC 328
Seventh ReportAllegation of Contempt: Mr Trevor Phillips HL Paper 56/HC 371
Eighth ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Children, Schools and Families Bill; Other Bills HL Paper 57/HC 369
Ninth ReportCounter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights (Sixteenth Report): Annual Renewal of Control Orders Legislation 2010 HL Paper 64/HC 395
Tenth ReportChildren's Rights: Government Response to the Committee's Twenty-fifth Report of Session 2008-09 HL Paper 65/HC 400
Eleventh ReportAny of our business? Government Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2009-10 HL Paper 66/HC 401
Twelfth ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Crime and Security Bill; Personal Care at Home Bill; Children, Schools and Families Bill HL Paper 67/HC 402
Thirteenth ReportEquality and Human Rights Commission HL Paper 72/HC 183
Fourteenth ReportLegislative Scrutiny: Equality Bill (second Report); Digital Economy Bill HL Paper 73/HC 425
Fifteenth ReportEnhancing Parliament's Role in Relation to Human Rights Judgments HL Paper 85/HC 455
Sixteenth ReportCounter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights (Seventeenth Report): Bringing Human Rights Back In HL Paper 86/HC 111

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