Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill - First Report
Draft House of Lords Reform Bill

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 26 March 2012.


List of oral and associated written evidence

Mr Mark Harper MP (QQ 1-47)

Mr Mark Harper MP (QQ 48-88)

Professor Vernon Bogdanor (QQ 89-115)

Rt Hon Peter Riddell (QQ 116-142)

Professor Dawn Oliver (QQ 143-165)

Dr Meg Russell (QQ 166-195)

Dr Alan Renwick (QQ 196-221)

Professor Sir John Baker and David Howarth (QQ 222-249)

Mr Mark Harper MP (QQ 250-277)

Electoral Reform Society [Katie Ghose] (QQ 278-307)

Professor John Curtice and Professor David Denver (QQ 308-332)

Unlock Democracy [Peter Facey and Alexandra Runswick] (QQ 333-378)

House of Lords Appointments Commission [Lord Jay of Ewelme and Richard Jarvis] (QQ 379-406)

Members of the Australian Senate (QQ 407-427)

The Archbishop of Canterbury (QQ 428-451)

The British Humanist Association [Andrew Copson] and Theos [Elizabeth Hunter] (QQ 452-463)

Lord Adonis and Lord Carter of Barnes (QQ 464-509)

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority [Professor Sir Ian Kennedy and Dr Andrew McDonald] (QQ 510-528)

Committee on Standards in Public Life [Sir Christopher Kelly and Mr Peter Hawthorne] (QQ 529-540)

Dr Alan Renwick and Professor Iain McLean (QQ 541-568)

Campaign for a Democratic Upper House [Damien Welfare and Daniel Zeichner] (QQ 569-589)

Lord Cormack and Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP (QQ 591-611)

Rt Hon Baroness Hayman (QQ 612-620)

The Clerk of the Parliaments [David Beamish] (QQ 621-638)

Mr Graham Allen MP (QQ 639-650)

The Clerk of the House of Commons [Robert Rogers] and Clerk of Legislation [Jacqy Sharpe] (QQ 651-663)

Lord Pannick (QQ 664-679)

Rt Hon Lord Cunningham of Felling (QQ 679-694)

Rt Hon David Blunkett MP and Rt Hon Lord Grocott (QQ 696-708)

Rt Hon Mr Nick Clegg MP and Mr Mark Harper MP (QQ 709-768)

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Prepared 23 April 2012