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Appendix 5: Note of visit to Everything Everywhere

  • Visit to Everything Everywhere, 25 October 2012
  • 1.  The Committee visited the offices of Everything Everywhere (EE) in Hatfield to hear from one of the major communications service providers (CSPs) how they currently dealt with requests for information under the existing legislation, and how they anticipated the draft Bill might affect them if enacted in its current form.

    2.  The Committee met James Blendis (Vice President, Legal), Jonathan Grayling (Head of Law Enforcement Liaison & Disclosures) who had previously given oral evidence to the Committee, Jerry Butcher (Law Enforcement Liaison Manager, Bristol), Paul Fennelly (Law Enforcement Liaison Manager, Hatfield), David Frank (Public Affairs Manager) and Vanessa Mortiaux (Senior Legal Counsel)

    3.  Mr Grayling made a presentation to the Committee. He explained that EE prefers requests for communications data to be made under RIPA rather than other legislation which is available to some public bodies. He referred to the use by local authorities of the National Anti-Fraud Network and to the good relations which EE had with SPoCs and with the security services who submitted high quality requests. He explained that where requests were submitted to EE under RIPA, the onus was on the requesting body to check that its request was necessary and proportionate—it was not for EE to make that judgment.

    4.  Mr Grayling explained that his team had responsibilities to customers to safeguard data, to minimise costs and ensure a level playing field, and an overarching corporate social responsibility. They worked closely with the Government, including meeting regularly with the Home Office, and valued their partnership. But they were concerned that the draft Bill was so wide-reaching, and did not state on its face what would be required of them. He looked forward to further consultation with the Home Office.

    5.  The costs recovery provisions under RIPA worked well, and had not so far caused problems.

    6.  The Committee visited the office where requests for communications data were received, and discussed the procedure with Sheena Wright, the Police Liaison Team Leader, and other EE representatives. They indicated that from their perspective the SPoC system worked well. It involved dedicated teams and relationships based on trust.

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