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Appendix 8: Abbreviations and acronyms

ACPO     Association of Chief Police Officers

CD     Communications Data

CEOP     Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

CIU    (Metropolitan Police) Communications Intelligence Unit

CPS     Crown Prosecution Service

CSP     Communication Service Provider

DPA     Data Protection Act 1998

DPI     Deep Packet Inspection

DRD     EU Data Retention Directive

DSO    Designated senior officer

ECHR     European Convention on Human Rights

EE    Everything Everywhere

FSA     Financial Services Authority

GCHQ    Government Communications Headquarters

GPRS    General packet radio service

HMRC     Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

IC    Information Commissioner

ICO    Information Commissioner's Office

IoCC     Interception of Communications Commissioner

IP    Internet protocol  

ISC    Intelligence and Security Committee

ISP    Internet Service Provider

ISPA     Internet Service Providers' Association

LEA    Law Enforcement Authorities

LGA    Local Government Association

LINX    London Internet Exchange

MLAT   Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty

MPS    Metropolitan Police Service

NAFN    National Anti-Fraud Network

RIPA     Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

SCDEA  Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency

SFO     Serious Fraud Office

SOCA     Serious Organised Crime Agency

SMS    Short message service

SPoC     Single Point of Contact

UKBA     UK Border Agency

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