'An accident waiting to happen': The failure of HBOS - Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards Contents

Formal Minutes

Thursday 7 March 2013

Members present:

Mr Andrew Tyrie MP, in the Chair
The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury

Mark Garnier MP

Baroness Kramer

Rt Hon Lord Lawson of Blaby

Mr Andrew Love MP

Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP

Rt Hon Lord McFall of Alcluith

John Thurso MP

Lord Turnbull KCB CVO


Declarations of interest, by members of the Commission, relating to the Commission's work were made on 24 July 2012 and 8 November 2012.

Draft Report ('An accident waiting to happen': The failure of HBOS), proposed by the Chair, brought up and read.

Ordered, That the draft Report be read a second time, paragraph by paragraph.

Paragraphs 1 to 141 read and agreed to.

Annexes agreed to.

Resolved, That the Report be the Fourth Report of the Commission to each House.

Ordered, That the Chair make the Report to the House of Commons and that Lord Lawson of Blaby make the Report to the House of Lords.

Ordered, That embargoed copies of the Report be made available (Standing Order No. 134 of the House of Commons).


[Adjourned till a time and date to be determined by the Chair.

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Prepared 5 April 2013