Legislative Scrutiny: Justice and Security Bill - Human Rights Joint Committee Contents

List of written evidence

1  Letter from the Chair, to Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary  

2  Letter to the Chair, from Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary  

3  Letter from the Chair, to Special Advocate Support Office (Closed)  

4  Letter from the Chair, to Michael Todd QC, Chairman of the Bar  

5  Letter to the Chair, from Nicholas Lavender QC, Vice Chairman Elect of the Bar Council England and Wales, Chairman of the Professional Practice Committee  

6  Letter to the Chair, from Angus McCullough QC and Martin Chamberlain  

7  Letter to the Chair, from Ewen Macleod, Head of Professional Practice,
Bar Council  

8  Letter from the Chair, to Lord Wallace of Tankerness  

9  Statement by Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC  

10  Letter to the Lords Clerk of the Committee, from Caroline Mersey, Deputy Director, Justice and Security Bill Team, Cabinet Office  

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Prepared 13 November 2012