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9  Review

239. For domestic legislation to remain a useful tool in the detection, investigation, prosecution and conviction of offenders, and in the protection of victims, there needs to be regular review and opportunity for revision. The criminal trade of modern slavery is constantly evolving as slave masters and traffickers devise new ways to exploit vulnerable people and attempt to circumvent national and international eradication attempts. We have included a review clause in the Committee Bill intended to ensure that the legislation remains current and its effectiveness in tackling modern slavery is regularly considered. The argument for regular review is strongest in relation to offences (Part 1 of the draft Bill), hence we have suggested detailed requirements in this area, but our review proposal is not limited to this part of the legislation. We recommend that there should be a clause requiring regular review of the Modern Slavery Act as a statutory means of ensuring the currency and continuing effectiveness of the legislation. Our Bill makes clear that the outcomes of the first such review should be published three years after any part of the legislation has come into force and that further reviews should take place on a five-year cycle.

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Prepared 8 April 2014