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Appendix 5: List of written evidence

1  Sarah Godfrey

2  Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz

3  Stop The Traffik

4  Catholic Church

5  The Salvation Army

6  Environmental Justice Foundation

7  UK Network Of Sex Work Projects

8  Colleen Theron, Finance Against Trafficking

9  René Cassin

10  African's Unite Against Child Abuse


12  Trade Unions Council

13  Dr. Genevieve Lebaron

14  Ray Sparra Everingham

15  Peter Willis

16  St John's Church, Waterloo

17  Focus On Labour Exploitation (Flex)

18  Wilberforce Institute For The Study Of Slavery And Emancipation

19  Julia Thrul

20  Anti-Slavery International

21  Love146

22  Core (Corporate Responsibility Coalition)

23  Doctors Of The World UK

24  Joseph Rowntree Foundation

25  Dalit Freedom Network UK

26  Prison Reform Trust

27  The Aire Centre

28  Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group

29  Abolition Scotland

30  Housing For Women

31  Northern Refugee Centre

32  Police Service Of Scotland

33  Association Of Labour Providers

34  CARE (Christian Action Research And Education)

35  West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network

36  Ethical Trading Initiative

37  British Retail Consortium

38  Unseen

39  Hibiscus Initiatives

40  Anti Trafficking And Labour Exploitation Unit

41  United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees

42  Hogan Lovells International LLP

43  Barnardo's

44  Kalayaan

45  Brighton Act Group, Stop The Traffik

46  Hope For Justice

47  Helen Bamber Foundation

48  Nicola Phillips

49  Anti Trafficking And Labour Exploitation Unit, supplementary evidence

50  Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley

51  Human Tissue Authority (HTA)

52  Forced Labour Monitoring Group

53  Law Society


55  Refugee Action


57  Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (Endorsed By The Anti-Trafficking Legal Project)

58  The Chartered Institute Of Purchasing & Supply

59  Andrew Forrest, Walk Free Foundation

60  British Medical Association

61  Independent Police Complaints Commissioner (IPCC)

62  Human Rights Watch

63  Church Of England, Mission And Public Affairs Council

64  Detective Inspector, Kevin Hyland, Metropolitan Police, Human Trafficking Unit

65  Croydon Community Against Trafficking

66  Community Safety Glasgow—Tara Service

67  West Midlands Regional Anti Trafficking Network

68  Professor Liora Lazarus, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

69  HM Revenue & Customs

70  Cafcass

71  Joyce Watson AM for Mid and West Wales, Chair of the Cross Party Group on Human Trafficking in Wales

72  Gangmasters Licensing Authority

73  Equality And Human Rights Commission

74  Equality And Human Rights Commission, supplementary evidence

75  Children's Society

76  Refugee Children's Consortium

77  Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, supplementary evidence

78  The Rt Hon Frank Mulholland QC, Lord Advocate

79  Maya Sikand

80  Home Office

81  Amazon

82  Crown Prosecution Service

83  Mike Winters, Chief Inspector, Area Commander, Fenland

84  Dr Anne Gallagher

85  Home Office, supplementary evidence

86  CARE, supplementary evidence

87  IKEA Group

88  Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

89  ECPAT UK, supplementary evidence

90  The Children's Society And UNICEF UK

91  HHJ Edmunds QC

92  Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, supplementary evidence

93  Professor Jean Allain

94  Scottish Government

95  The Aire Centre, supplementary evidence

96  Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, supplementary evidence

97  Traveller Movement

98  Home Office, supplementary evidence

99  Chris Tattersall

100  Andrew Crane, George R. Gardiner Professor of Business Ethics, York University, Canada

101  Welsh Government

102  The Rt Hon Baroness Newlove of Warrington, Victims' Commissioner

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