The next National Security Strategy - Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy Contents

List of written evidence

(published on the Committee's website as The next National Security Strategy)

1  David L Bowen

2  Population Matters

3  DefenceSynergia

4  Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

5  Dr Daniel Stevens, University of Exeter, and Dr Nick Vaughan-Williams, University of Warwick

6  Foundation for Information Policy Research

7  Scientists for Global Responsibility

8  Dr Tim Oliver, Department of Defence and International Affairs, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

9  Campaign Against Arms Trade

10  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

11  Conciliation Resources

12  Oxford Research Group

13  Transparency International UK, International Defence and Security Programme

14  Dr Rory Cormac, University of Nottingham

15  Dr Victor Madeira, Institute for Statecraft

16  James Flint

17  Professor Andrew M Dorman, Centre for British Defence and Security Studies, King's College London

18  Dr Jamie Gaskarth, Plymouth University

19  Saferworld

20  Institute for Conflict, Co-operation and Security, University of Birmingham

21  Dr David Blagden, Adrian Research Fellow in International Politics, Darwin College, University of Cambridge

22  The Cabinet Office

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