The human rights implications of Brexit Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HBR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Amnesty International UK (HBR0059)

2Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (HBR0039)

3Baron Dr Antonio Massa (HBR0005)

4Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (HBR0035)

5British Humanist Association (HBR0027)

6CAJ (HBR0050)

7Cloisters (HBR0026)

8Coram Children’s Legal Centre (HBR0044)

9Deborah Stowe (HBR0045)

10Disability Rights UK (HBR0032)

11Dr Katie Boyle, Senior Lecturer in Law (HBR0042)

12Dr Kirsty Hughes (HBR0009)

13Dr Simon Collcutt (HBR0008)

14Dr Tobias Lock (HBR0015)

15Ekklesia (HBR0046)

16Equality and Human Rights Commission (HBR0058)

17Equality Rights Group (HBR0012)

18European Children’s Rights Unit (HBR0041)

19Freedom from Torture (HBR0016)

20Human Rights Centre, University of Essex (HBR0034)

21Human Rights Consortium (HBR0036)

22Human Rights Watch (HBR0053)

23ILPA (HBR0055)

24Information Commissioner’s Office (HBR0054)

25J G (HBR0047)

26Jessica Giles, the Open University (HBR0028)

27Judicial Power Project, Policy Exchange (HBR0037)

28Liberty (HBR0056)

29Liverpool Law School, the University of Liverpool (HBR0033)

30Mr Andrew Shaw (HBR0013)

31Mr Brian Robinson (HBR0006)

32Mr Ciaran White (HBR0048)

33Mr David Robertson (HBR0002)

34Mr Sandeep Shenoy (HBR0021)

35Mrs Lisa Pissochet (HBR0003)

36Ms Satya Bhat (HBR0022)

37Ms Susan Harvey (HBR0001)

38Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (HBR0030)

39Oxford Human Rights Hub (HBR0018)

40Privacy International (HBR0038)

41Professor Chris Hilson (HBR0004)

42Professor Nicola Countouris, Professor Piet Eeckhout, Professor Jeff King, Dr Virginia Mantouvalou, Dr Ronan McCrea and Professor Colm O’Cinneide (HBR0025)

43Reader in Human Rights Law Merris Amos (HBR0029)

44René Cassin (HBR0020)

45Richard Shaw (HBR0014)

46Rosemary Cantwell (HBR0049)

47Stephen Lawrence (HBR0007)

48Submitter a (HBR0010)

49Submitter b (HBR0040)

50Susie Alegre, Caoilfhionn Gallagher and Katie O’Byrne (HBR0043)

51The Law Society of Scotland (HBR0051)

52The Vegan Society and The International Vegan Rights Alliance (HBR0019)

53Thompsons Solicitors (HBR0052)

54Thompsons Solicitors (HBR0057)

55Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) (HBR0024)

56University of Sussex (HBR0031)

57Welsh Churches’ Working Party on Wales and Europe (HBR0017)

58Young Lawyers Brexit Action Group (HBR0023)

16 December 2016