The Government's policy on the use of drones for targeted killing: Government Response to the Committee's Second Report of Session 2015-16 Contents


Terms of reference

1 The Government’s Response to our Report


Legality of the drone strike on Reyaad Khan on 21 August

Scope of the Government response

The meaning of “armed attack” in the international law of self-defence

The meaning of “imminence”

Applicability of the Law of War outside armed conflict

Applicability of the ECHR right to life outside armed conflict

The requirements of the right to life in Article 2 ECHR

Legal basis for UK support of other States using lethal force outside armed conflict

Developing international consensus

Conclusions and recommendations

1 Appendix: Government Response

2 Appendix: Letter from Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Secretary of State for Defence

Formal Minutes

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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18 October 2016