Governance of Restoration and Renewal Contents


Committee information


1 Introduction


Our inquiry

Chapter 2: Restoration and Renewal

Outline business case


Championing R&R

2 Chapter 3: Duties and powers of the Sponsor Body

Agreeing the proposals

The intelligent client

Consultation and public engagement

Managing political interference

Specific duties on the Sponsor Body

Public engagement

Historic conservation

Value for money

Security and access to Parliament

A UK wide project

3 Chapter 4: Governance

Membership of the Sponsor Body

Appointment of the external members

Terms of office of external members of the Sponsor Body

Appointment of the parliamentary members

Access to expertise

Abolition of the Sponsor Body

Accountability to Parliament

Political figureheads

Streamlined committee scrutiny

Clear line of sight

Parliamentary Relationship Agreement

Transfer of property

Role of Government

Relationship between the Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority

Programme Delivery Agreement

Appointments to the board of the Delivery Authority

Dissolution of the Delivery Authority

Payments to the Delivery Authority

Responsibilities of the Sponsor Body’s accounting officer


4 Chapter 5: R&R and the wider context of parliamentary building works

Interaction between the NEP and the draft Bill

A case study in legacy problems

Decant of the House of Lords

Planning powers

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

Published: 21 March 2019