Revisiting the UK’s national security strategy: The National Security Capability Review and the Modernising Defence Programme Contents

Annex 1: Timeline of the NSCR and MDP



April 2017

Mark Sedwill assumes his role as National Security Adviser and agrees with the Prime Minister a “quick refresh of the 2015 strategy and SDSR”.

(Oral evidence taken on 18 December 2017, HC (2017–19) 625, Q4)

April–June 2017

Work reviewing the 2015 National Security Strategy “morphs” into preparation for the incoming Government when the general election is called.

(Oral evidence taken on 18 December 2017, HC (2017–19) 625, Q4)

July 2017

The Government announces the National Security Capability Review, which has been commissioned by the National Security Council (NSC).

(Strategic Defence and Security Review Implementation”, Cabinet Office news release, 20 July 2017)

January 2018

The Government announces that the NSC has commissioned the Modernising Defence Programme, which will build on the work of the NSCR and will use the 2015 NSS & SDSR/Joint Force 2025 as its starting point.

(HC Deb, 25 January 2018, col 423ff. [Commons Chamber])

March 2018

The JCNSS publishes its first report on the NSCR.

(JCNSS, First Report of Session 2017–19, National Security Capability Review: A changing security environment, HL Paper 104, HC 756)

March 2018

The Government publishes its report on the NSCR.

(HM Government, National Security Capability Review, March 2018)

March 2018

The Chancellor announces an additional £800 million for the MoD.

(“£800 million agreed for defence”, Ministry of Defence press release, 29 March 2018)

July 2018

The Defence Secretary announces the “headline conclusions” of the “first phase” of the MDP in a written statement to the House of Commons.

(HC Deb, 19 July 2018, col 28WS [Commons written ministerial statement])

October 2018

The Chancellor announces in the Budget that the MoD will be allocated an additional £200 million for 2018/19 and a further £800 million for 2019/20.

(HM Treasury, “Budget 2018”, HC 1629, October 2018)

December 2018

The Government publishes its report on the MDP.

(Ministry of Defence, Mobilising, Modernising and Transforming Defence: A report on the Modernising Defence Programme, December 2018)

Published: 21 July 2019