National Security Capability Review: A changing security environment Contents


Terms of reference


1 Introduction

2 The National Security Capability Review process

Was it necessary to revisit the 2015 NSS & SDSR?

A changing security environment

Intensifying and diversifying threats

A structural hole in the defence budget

Is the National Security Capability Review the right format?

Reviewing capabilities only

A cost-neutral review

From ‘quick refresh’ to ‘halfway house’

Separating defence from security capabilities: a backwards step?

The current challenge: maintaining the coherence of the NSCR and MDP

Looking ahead: implications for an integrated approach to national security

How does the NSCR fit into the five-yearly reviews of national security?

Political oversight and parliamentary scrutiny of the NSCR

Facilitating parliamentary scrutiny

3 Improving cross-government responses to national security challenges


Modern deterrence

Building national resilience

Improving cross-government policy implementation and accountability

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

Published: 23 March 2018