The right to family life: children whose mothers are in prison Contents


101.There are reasons to be optimistic for the many thousands of children whose rights to family life are put at risk each year when their mothers go to prison. High quality academic research and reports from non-governmental organisations in recent years have focused renewed attention on the issue, steps have been taken to prompt sentencers to take dependent children into account in their decision-making and work is underway to strengthen relationships between prisoners and their families. However, the evidence we have gathered leads us to the conclusion that these steps alone are insufficient. In this report we have set out the case for a number of fundamental reforms that are necessary to protect the rights of children whose mothers go to prison. Urgent changes are required in four areas:

102.We expect the Government to act swiftly in each of these four areas, in order to prevent another generation of children suffering irreparable harm when their mothers go to prison.

Published: 9 September 2019