Proposal for a draft British Nationality Act 1981 (Remedial) Order 2018 Contents



1 Introduction

The Issue that the proposed draft Order addresses

Role of the Joint Committee on Human Rights

Matters for consideration

British Nationality Legislation & Legislative History

Litigation history

Automatic entitlement, entitlement upon registration, or discretion following application

2 Procedural Requirements

Compelling Reasons and Use of the Remedial Power

Use of the Non-Urgent Procedure

3 Requirement for good character for children under section 4F

Why do children aged over 10 by the time the discrimination is removed additionally need to meet the good character requirement?

Those now adults who are unable to apply under section 4F

Difference in treatment as between stateless children and other stateless persons: the good character requirement

4 Fees Applicable for a re-application following removal of the discrimination

Fees for Applications under Section 4F

5 Other Matters Arising

Impossibility of the requirement to register a birth at a consulate in the past

Application by a person whose parent has since died

Discrimination and British Overseas Territories Citizenship

Other potentially discriminatory provisions in British Nationality Law

Complexity and Accessibility of British Nationality Law

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Correspondence

Declaration of Lords’ Interests

Formal minutes

Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 31 May 2018